The Freedom-Obsessed Mastermind

Ideal for the woman who:  

  • Is wanting to start a new business but doesn’t know where to begin,  
  • OR has started a business but isn’t hitting her goals,  
  • OR has had her business for a while but isn’t making consistent money.  

This is what people are saying: 

Testimonial first client

The Freedom-Obsessed Mastermind is a 6-month group coaching experience where I (Sarah Cook) use my expertise of 7+ years in business to help you create a plan for consistent and growing income. We cover:  

  • How to get crystal-clear on what exactly you are selling, and who it is best for (ideal client, heyyyy)
  • How to create the perfect offerings for your ideal clients
  • How to price and package your offerings in business so that you create sustainable income for yourself and not having to live in hustle mode
  • How to market your business in a way that feels completely authentic to you--and, in a way that’s FUN!
  • How to sell your offers with ease, and in a way that DOES NOT AT ALL feel salesy. No creepy sales techniques. You are going to LOVE the way I teach authentic, heart-centered sales!
  • How to work smarter not harder, how to get yourself focused on the tasks in your business that will move the needle toward your goals, and figure out what can go to the wayside
  • How to scale your biz so again, you can make more $$$$, without working more  

When you enroll in the Freedom-Obsessed Mastermind, you receive:

  • 2 Monthly learning modules from me
  • 2 Live group coaching calls a month with me
  • A supportive Facebook community with the rest of the masterminders, and the coaches
  • 2 Support coaches in the group 
  • A master class every other month on the subject of technology in your business and how to use it
  • A monthly Q&A with my tech expert/executive assistant 
  • A master class every month with the mindset coach on staff
  • A monthly Q&A with the mindset coach on staff
  • Different guest speakers covering topics such as: legal protection in your biz, accounting in your biz, cash flow management, subconscious reprogramming, copywriting and so much more!
  • A live event with the rest of the masterminders, the coaches--tons of learning, connection and MAGIC!